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Chihuahua Outline

Chihuahua Outline Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Chihuahua Outline Cookie Cutter

A tiny dog breed, the Chihuahua has snuggled up in the hearts of animal lovers all over the world. Our Chihuahua Dog Cookie Cutter in a delightful silhouette design bring these beloved pets to cookie form for use as woof toppers, dog treats, cheese shapes and more. In ancient times Chihuahuas were once a sacred dog, believed to have healing qualities attributed their breed. We can believe that fun fact, as we know plenty of Chihuahua worshipers─ er, we mean dog owners. This precious pet is just as obsessed with you too! It has been said that a Chihuahua can even die from a broken heart. The breed is very family friendly, but tends to attach itself more to one member of the family, which can explain this phenomenon. One of the most diversely colored breeds, the Chihuahua comes in many loveable forms. When you use our puppy dog cookie cutter, be sure to decorate with icing that coordinates with your four-legged bestie for a surefire favorite human cookie or doggie treat.


Chihuahua Outline: Approximately 7.2cm by 8.2cm (2.83 inch by 3.22 inch)

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