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Seahorse Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Seahorse Cookie Cutter

An enduring symbol of the sea, the diminutive seahorse combines the elegance of the sea with the mythical ream of mermaids. Our one-of-a-kind Seahorse Cookie Cutter is a detailed nautical marine animal that will find favor with all your friends at your next luau, summer BBQ or birthday bash. The seahorse is indeed a fish, living their whole lives in water and breathing through gills. They mate for life, in an hour long courtship dance, and the male is the only creature where the male has a true reversed pregnancy to carry the baby and give birth.  An intriguing and beautiful sea creature, the seahorse is also fragile, and to keep one as pets requires great investment and care. Instead, opt for tasty seahorse themed snacks and treats when you use our Bakerlogy sea horse biscuit mold to make fun cookies, candy, fondant and cheeses. Your under the sea party has never been so deliciously detailed and perfect! 


Seahorse: Approximately 9.5cm by 5cm (3.74 inch by 2 inch)

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