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Ambulance Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Ambulance Cookie Cutter

Wee-oo! Wee-oo! There's no emergency, just the arrival of our ambulance cookie cutter. The ambulance have been around since ancient times, though the vehicles they used back then were much more simple, such as carts pulled by human or beast. Transporting ill and injured people from one location to the hospital, ambulances generally have paramedics and emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, on board to take care of those who are so physically distressed as to need immediate first aid care en route to their destination. Coming to the rescue, our charmingly detailed emergency vehicle biscuit mold is ready for action. Shape cookie or biscuit dough, marzipan or fondant into delicious dessert table treats. Be the first to respond with ambulance shaped thank you and appreciation gifts, or be the hero of the day with an emergency themed party idea to please the paramedics, ambulance drivers, EMTs, doctors and nurses in your life.


Approximately 10.2cm by 7.2cm (4 inch by 2.83 inch)

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