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Camper Van (Side Profile)

Camper Van Cookie Cutter (Side Profile)




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Camper Van Cookie Cutter (Side Profile)

Every moment is an adventure with our Camper Van Inspired Cookie Cutter. A great and reusable keepsake for anyone who loves VW campers, this VW camper van cookie cutter offers many uses: loop this mold a through string for a unique holiday ornament, craft unique clay shapes or mold dough and fondant into delicious cookies, biscuits and sugarcraft toppings. The VW Camper Van has received numerous nicknames worldwide. Because of its popularity during the 1960s, the hippie wagon became an icon symbol of the culture movement and still remains so for many hippies today. VW has recently reveled a modern version of this classic, which offers added space to travel in your own home away from home atmosphere. If heading off into the unknown of the horizon with a small pack of your personal possessions with you and your transit home "strapped to your back," then this camper van cookie cutter is just for you.


Camper Van Side View: Approximately 10.8cm by 7.8cm (4.25 inch by 3.07 inch)

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