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Construction Safety Helmet

Construction Safety Helmet Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Construction Safety Helmet Cookie Cutter

Get your construction crew together and ready with our Construction Safety Helmet Cookie Cutter! For hardworking team members to little construction dreamers, this one of a kind construction helmet mold is perfectly detailed to delight anyone. While designed to protect one's head from falling objects at a construction site, this helmet biscuit cutter is made to indulge the senses with tasty cookies, fondant, candy, biscuits and marzipan. Your home baked, yet professional looking desserts and appetizers, make awesome party favors and handouts. Decorate your treats in vivid colors like the real deal or let guests decorate their own cookies for a fun touch to the festivities. Promote site safety at meetings with construction hat handouts or surprise little ones with after school snacks designed after their favorite playtime obsession. This excavation party favor works hard at having fun. Dressed for safety, your party or handouts will make a lasting impression on all who partake!


Safety Helmet: Approximately 8.7cm by 7.1 cm (3.42 inch by 2.79 inch)

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