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PROMO SET: Camper Van

Set of 2 Camper Van Cookie Cutters

$25.50 $27.00



2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Set of 2 Camper Van Cookie Cutters

Celebrate streamlined vintage elegance with this iconic Volkswagen camper van cookie cutter. Perfect for the vintage fanatic or automobile lover, the VW camper cookie cutters harken back to the magical era of cross-country adventure and summertime driving. Decorate your camper vans with custom piped icing or leave them plain for an equally striking effect.


Camper Van Front View: Approximately 8.6cm by 7.4cm (3.39 inch by 2.91 inch)
Camper Van Side View: Approximately 10.8cm by 7.8cm (4.25 inch by 3.07 inch)

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