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Origami Cat

Origami Cat Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:01:13 +0100

Origami Cat Cookie Cutter

This one of a kind Origami Cat Cookie Cutter sure is the cat's meow! Designed to mimic the Japanese art of paper folding, this origami kitty is a symbol of independence, balance and mystery and represents wisdom and is a powerful, self-assured protector. Purrfect for biscuits, cookies, candies, fondant and sugarcraft toppings, this Neko Cookie Cutter (Neko being a Japanese word for cat) is sure to impress any fan of these ferocious felines as well as artists of origami art. This cute furry friend geometric paper origami animal is perfect for the animal lover who also loves to bake! Meow, meow, everyone will be enthralled by your handiwork in the kitchen when you decorate your kitty treats in fun colors and sugars. Get the artistry look of origami without any of the paper cuts with our feline origami cookie cutter and celebrate every occasion, milestone and event. 


Approximately 7cm by 8cm (2.76 inch by 3.14 inch)

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