PROMO SET: 5-Sided Star

Set of 3 styles: 5 Sided Star Cookie Cutters

$20.25 USD $24.75 USD

Set of 3 5-Sided Origami Star Cookie Cutters

Thank your lucky stars for our one of a kind Origami Star Cookie Cutter in a five sided design. Great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations or any occasion that you want to make a big impact, this sunburst biscuit mold cuts into your favorite dough to make detailed stars for your events and gatherings. Sugarcraft and fondant shapes are the perfect way to top your homemade cakes and cupcakes, or shape you favorite cookies, biscuits, candies and marzipan into elaborate star silhouettes. It's a star-studded affair with these fractal art cookie cutters, that's for sure! Get creative with this five-pointed star available in different style designs, or use them all to make a unique array of beautifully detailed star appetizers or desserts.


Approximately 7.5cm by 7.2cm (2.95 inch by 2.83 inch) each