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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Cookie Cutter

Our detailed emergency medical services cookie cutter makes a great gift for any first responder as well as doctors, paramedics, firefighters, nurses, health students and EMTs. This star of life was created to be set apart from the American Red Cross caduceus symbol of medicine, and shows a six-pointed star with a snake-entwined staff, also known as the Rod of Asclepius. This sign is a widely used symbol of medical care, often found on the uniforms and ambulances of EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). This EMS (Emergency Medical Service) biscuit cutter honors and celebrates the excellence of emergency responders and makes fantastic star of life desserts and appetizers for special gatherings or thank you gifts. Health students will immediately recognize the do no harm, protect and serve meaning behind this emergency medical symbol. Be prepared for any event yourself with medical themed cookie cutters that make unique cookies, marzipan, biscuits and fondant. Celebrate the life savers of the party!


EMS: Approximately 8.1cm by 8cm (3.18 inch by 3.15 inch)

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