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Adrenaline Molecule

Adrenaline Molecule Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Adrenaline Molecule Cookie Cutter

This Adrenaline Molecule Cookie Cutter shows off a scientific depiction of the adrenaline molecule; an important hormones that controls our feelings of stress and how we handle challenging situations. Adrenaline is the body's activator, the source of our fight of flight response, that is discharged in response to anxiety, exercise and fear. Results of adrenaline include an increased heart rate, raised blood pressure, deeper breaths, a change in the pupils and changes to the body's metabolism. Everyone's response to the adrenaline hormone differs. It can lead to heightened stress as well as enable us to make courageous decisions in the heat of the moment we otherwise might not have made were we to have the time to weigh the consequences. For any adrenaline or science junky, our adrenaline cookie cutter makes the perfect way to bake up cookies, biscuits, cheese fondant and sugracraft in the mold of their favorite molecule. 


Adrenaline Molecule: Approximately 10cm by 6.4cm (3.9 inch by 2.5 inch)

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