Biohazard Symbol

Biohazard Symbol Cookie Cutter

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Biohazard Symbol Cookie Cutter

Warning! Beware! Caution! Take heed! Our biohazard symbol cookie cutter is ready for action at your zombie themed parties, biosafety meetings or science minded gatherings. The biohazard symbol is a warning that human health or the environment is at risk due to such infectious substances as bacterium, a virus or fungus, and is most often found in the labeling of biological materials that pose a serious health risk, especially to humans. This science themed biscuit cutter might symbolize a threat to your health, but the reality is that they make wonderfully detailed (and delicious) cookies, marzipan, fondant, biscuits and other sugarcraft treats and make great party favors, dessert favorites and gifts for police officers, investigators, students or lab techs. There will be no waste when these biohazard shaped treats are involved. Your dessert table will be a popular gathering point and a great topic of conversation. Nerd out, fellow science enthusiasts!


Approximately 6.1cm by 6.1cm (2.4 inch by 2.4 inch)