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Anatomical Lungs Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Lungs Cookie Cutter

Take a deep breath... and breathe in the scent of your freshly baked cookies made with our anatomical lungs cookie cutter. A vital anatomical part, the lungs aid us in the day to day and benefit from fresh air and exercise. Protected behind our ribcage, each lung is like a bag and is our main breathing structure. With a seemingly simple, yet very complex job, the respiratory system serves to bring oxygen into your body and remove unusable carbon dioxide from your body. Such an important function deserves the respect of its own cookie mold. This pulmonary lung biscuit cutter serves as a great no smoking campaign favor. One-of-a-kind, medical professionals will appreciate the detail of this lungs cookie cutter. It's time to make good health a topic of conversation, and what better way than through crafty desserts and appetizers? Your cheeses, cookies, fondant toppings and biscuits will be a surefire conversation starter and a means of many compliments.


Lungs: Approximately 8cm by 8cm (3.15 inch by 3.15 inch)

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