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Microscope Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Microscope Cookie Cutter

There's nothing microscopic about our microscope cookie cutter! Creating one-of-a-kind desserts and appetizers, your festive occasions will be fully equipped with delicious fondant topped treats, cookies, biscuits or cheese platters in this classic science shape. While we can say with certainty that Galileo invented the telescope, no one can say with conviction who invented the microscope. We do know that a set of powerful lenses that allowed the viewings of teeming bacteria within in a tiny drop of water was the brainchild of Anton van Leeuwenhoek. Fast forward to the present time and we now have the option between two different, highly detailed and very advanced, microscope types: the biological or compound microscope and the inspection or dissection microscope. Become your own science scene investigator, testing out cookie and biscuit dough recipes, fondant sugarcraft and other delightful concoctions. Make sure your kitchen is prepared with the right equipment for the job with this fun, lab equipment cookie cutter!


Microscope: Approximately 6.1cm by 12cm (2.4 inch by 4.7 inch)

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