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X-Ray Knee Bone

X-Ray Knee Bone Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

X-Ray Knee Bone Cookie Cutter

Our x-ray knee bone cookie cutter is a thoughtful get well gift for those recovering from knee surgery and makes great appreciation tokens for orthopedic surgeons. Consisting of four major bones (the femur, the fibula, the tibia and the patella), the human knee is a joint located between the thigh and the lower leg. The knee holds an important role in any weight bearing activities, such as walking or running. Leg room on planes would certainly become a major problem if we could not use our knees to bend our legs! Bring a unique spin on creativity to the kitchen with our human knee biscuit cutter designed with great detail for cookie and biscuit dough, as well as for fondant, cheese and marzipan.


Knee Bone: Approximately 6.3cm by 7.9cm (2.48 inch by 3.11 inch)

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