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Schnauzer (Long Tail)

Schnauzer Cookie Cutter (Long Tail)




2017-05-02 09:06:57 +0100

Schnauzer Cookie Cutter (Long Tail)

Unlike the majority of schnauzers in North America, our Bakerlogy long tailed schnauzer cookie cutter shows off this primo pup with his full tail. The Standard Schnauzer is a breed originating from Germany. His name literally points out his distinctive snout and bearded face. He is considered a terrier breed, but without the typical terrier breed. Our schnauzer biscuit cookie cutter make a thoughtful dog gift for all dog lovers, veterinarian, fundraiser handouts or adoption drive treats. Make delicious, professional quality cookies, dog treats, biscuits, fondant, marzipan, clay cheese, candy plaques and more in a simple press and go mold that makes baking a streamlined and fun-filled event. Entertain in style with a dessert table to make dog lovers and dessert fanatics squeal in delight. Everyone will be coming back for seconds and thirds of your tasty desserts and appetizers. This adorable schnauzer is sure to make you smile from ear to ear and your pup to bark in approval.


Approximately 8.4cm by 7.2cm (3.3 inch by 2.83 inch)

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