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Origami Pegasus

Origami Pegasus Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:01:13 +0100

Origami Pegasus Cookie Cutter

Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology, gets a Japanese makeover in this attractive, one of a kind Origami Pegasus Cookie Cutter. Starring in some of the Greek's most intriguing tales, Pegasus was a mythical creature, usually depicted as white colored, capable of everything. A descendant of the most powerful Greek Gods, this muscular stallion represents a good heart and gentle nature, perhaps naive, but always eager and willing to help. For his loyal service, Zeus honored him with the coveted honor of immortality when he turned Pegasus into a constellation during the final hours of his life. Bring your own touch of Greek mythology to the table when you bake up fantastic marzipan, fondant, cookies and biscuits. Wings aloft in a majestic flight, this easily recognized powerhorse makes quite the statement for birthdays, tea parties, role playing, Halloween and any occasion calling for magic and bravery. 


Approximately 8.5cm by 7.6cm (3.35 inch by 2.99 inch)

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