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PROMO SET: Mermaid & Pearl Oyster

Mermaid & Pearl Oyster Cookie Cutters

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2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Set of Mermaid & Pearl Oyster Cookie Cutters

Whether you’re planning a sea-worthy birthday party or enhancing your usual baking routine, this underwater cookie cutter set is sure to delight. Featuring a smiling mermaid and her pearl oyster, this precious duo comes to life with elegant detailing and line work. Each design is 3D-printed using durable plastics and can be used with dough, fondant, cheese, and clay. Dunk your cutter in flour before every use for easy release.


Mermaid: Approximately 9 cm by 6 cm (3.54 inch by 2.36 inch)
Pearl Oyster: Approximately 6.5 cm by 6.5 cm (2.6 inch by 2.6 inch)

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