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Palm Tree

Palm Tree Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 10:24:41 +0100

Palm Tree Cookie Cutter

Enjoy a tropical paradise in your own home with this Palm Tree Cookie Cutter! This festive tree brings to mind a brilliant sunset along a sandy coastline, with a fruity cocktail in hand as a balmy breeze washes over your bathing suit clad body. If your luau or retirement party calls for a tropical theme, then this palm tree biscuit mold is the perfect addition to your dessert or appetizer table. Decorate your treats in bright, island hues for a pop of color and serve up alongside breezy Hawaiian decor. These cutters make detailed cookies, biscuits, fondant and sugarcraft toppings - perfect poolside treats! The lush palms are native to many regions and can span great heights. They are nature's majestic beauties, most notably pictures swaying over deep blue ocean waters or bearing ripe, juicy coconuts, though can grow in nearly any type of hot climates, including rolling deserts. This palm tree cookie cutter is ready for your special recipe, so order now!


Approximately 11.5 cm by 6.5 cm (4.53 inch by 2.56 inch)

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