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Snowflake (Design 1)

Snowflake Cookie Cutter (Design 1)




2017-05-08 09:56:16 +0100

Snowflake Cookie Cutter (Design 1)

Create a magical wonderland or white Christmas with our Frozen inspired, one of a kind Bakerlogy Snowflake Cookie Cutter. This six point snowflake is marvelously detailed for professional quality results. Celebrate the winter Olympics, holidays, seasonal birthdays and movie marathon nights with snowflake shaped cookies decorated in your favorite icings and sugars. Frozen crystals falling from the sky, every snowflake is a unique gift to the world. Planning a winter wedding? What better way to thank your wedding party than with iced cookies, sugarcraft cupcakes or marzipan treats! A snowfall presents a fresh palate and new start, covering the earth in a blanket of white, for spring's eventual renewal. Let this season of snow inspire you to go after your dreams and seek out the unusual and unique. Let it snow! Your kitchen will be toasty warm as you bake up delectable desserts ad appetizers inspired by the falling snow beyond. With this snow flake cookie cutter, you'll have a touch of winter's frosty enchantment inside.


Snowflake 1: Approximately 7.2cm by 8.1cm (2.8" by 3.1")

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