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Origami Crane

Origami Crane Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:01:13 +0100

Origami Crane Cookie Cutter

Celebrate the art of Japanese paper folding with this Origami Crane Cookie Cutter. It is said that to fold a thousand origami paper cranes makes wishes come true and provides eternal luck. We believe this luck can be had even by baking up origami cranes, so get your apron and roller ready! If baking 1,000 origami crane cookies, biscuits, candies, marzipan or fondant topped cupcakes is your ticket to eternal luck and fortune, then our one of a kind paper crane biscuit mold is just what the baker called for! This detailed mold creates perfect origami cranes with every press into your favorite dough. Finish off your culinary creations with your favorite icings and sugars for that melt in your mouth taste - after all, what better gift to give friends and loved ones than a taste sensation sugar rush!


Approximately 7.5cm by 7.5cm (2.95 inch by 2.95 inch)

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