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Origami Unicorn

Origami Unicorn Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:01:13 +0100

Origami Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Celebrate birthdays and weddings with the magical and romantic lure of the mystical unicorn with our one of a kind Origami Unicorn Cookie Cutter. This origami style unicorn mold is absolutely darling, standing majestically, horn held aloft in all its splendor. If your special little someone is obsessed with these rainbow equine, she'll love a birthday cake topped with unicorns. Paint them in an array of colors, icing and sugars for the ultimate birthday sugar rush. The ultimate fantasy is a bold and fearless unicorn. Spread the magic at bridal shows or bachelorette parties with unicorn shapes cookies, biscuits, candies, cheese fondant and/or sugarcraft topped cupcakes. Legend believes these shy creatures haunt the forest, their magic a rare find that alludes all but only the most pure of heart. Impress even the most hardcore unicorn fanatic with our Origami Unicorn Cookie Cutter and make professional quality treats right at home!


Approximately 11 cm by 8.5 cm (4.3 inch by 3.3 inch)

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