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Camper Van (Front Profile)

Camper Van Cookie Cutter (Front Profile)




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Camper Van Cookie Cutter (Front Profile)

VW lovers, rejoice! We bring you our one-of-a-kind VW Camper Van inspired cookie cutter. From hippies heading to Woodstock to surfers chasing down the perfect Californian wave and on, the legend of the VW camper van is well established in the minds of fans both young and old. For those chasing the dream, even second-hand attempts and restorations of this classic camper van can command extreme prices. Whether you have an original or replica in your garage or are just living off the memories, our Volkswagen camper van biscuit mold is the perfect way to relive the good old days and show off you love for this vintage classic. Join the VeeDub club and personalize your cookies to match your favorite VW color schemes with colored frosting, sugar and icing for a statement of your personal tastes and preferences. For the fan who has it all, treat them to this VW camper van cookie cutter mold for a gift that keeps on giving!


Camper Van Front View: Approximately 8.6cm by 7.4cm (3.39 inch by 2.91 inch)

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