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Astronaut Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Astronaut Cookie Cutter

Your party desserts and appetizers will be totally out of this world with our astronaut cookie cutter! Taking off to galactic heights, any space enthusiast will be amazed at the detail of your cookies, fondant, sugarpaste toppings, marzipan and biscuits. Since that first landing on the moon in July 20, 1969, a whopping 463 people from 34 countries have traveled into space according to records from October 2007. If you are among those who dream of a visit to the cosmos, this charming little astronaut food craft cutter is your ticket to outer space themed parties. While many of us dream about soaring up into the silent vacuum of space for a bit of peace and quiet, the truth is that being astronauts is hard work, and we're not talking about the job requirements. Imagine trying to wash your hair or sleep with zero gravity!
Celebrate astrology themed parties, stargazing get-togethers and other celebrations from Earth as you roll out your interstellar baking talents!


Astronaut: Approximately 5.4cm by 9.5cm (2.12 inch by 3.74 inch)

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