Ice Skating Shoe

Ice Skating Shoe Cookie Cutter

$13.50 USD

Ice Skating Shoe Cookie Cutter

The reigning ice rink champ in your life will love this Ice Skating Shoe Cookie Cutter. Ice skating is a sport loved by millions across the world in which people slide over a smooth ice surface on steel-bladed skates, rather in recreation competition. This delightful winter sport biscuit cutter makes the perfect gift for ice skating fans, instructor, judge, parent, teacher or student! For some, figure skating is a way of life. This skating blade is a sweet way to make treats that your champion kid will gobble up after a long day of training on the ice. Competition is not for the weak of will, and figure skating takes guts, persistence and dedication. Celebrate their stellar moves, high scores, goals and talents with cookies, sugarcraft topped cupcakes, candies, marzipan and fondant shaped in tribute to his/her skating shoes. Your little Olympian will love the special sentiment behind your heartfelt, made-with-love sweet treats. 


Ice Skating Shoe: Approximately 10.7cm by 9.4cm (4.2 inch by 3.7 inch)