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Medal Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Medal Cookie Cutter

Acknowledge their achievements with our celebratory Medal Cookie Cutter! This No. #1 medal shows pride in your champion kid, reigning team or training goals. Let every moment and every accomplishment be commemorated! Practice makes perfect, so give them a little recognition with our medal biscuit cutter and make special biscuits, cookies, candies, marzipan, fondant and more. Whether to celebrate your solo champ or are hosting the entire team, this first place cookie cutter is your one stop for a most fantastic and uplifting dessert table. Decorate your cookies with their team colors for a dose of team spirit or top your champion cake with sugarcraft medals. Not just for sports teams, this cookie cutter celebrates success in its many forms, from meeting sales quotas, or promotional campaigning, to spelling bee champs and science camp whizzes. Your winner never gave up, so celebrate that tenacity and persistence in a way that will make them grin from ear to ear with our achievement medal cookie cutter!


Medal: Approximately 7.2cm by 9cm (2.8 inch by 3.5 inch)


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