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Camellia Flower (Complex)

Camellia Flower Cookie Cutter (Complex)




2017-05-08 10:24:41 +0100

Camellia Flower Cookie Cutter (Complex)

Let the tranquil beauty of Mother Nature's garden inspire your kitchen adventures when you make desserts and appetizers with our Camellia Flower Cookie Cutter. This delicate blossoms is abloom in elegant design. Our one of a kind mold showcases intricate detailing that brings the true life beauty of this flower to life. This lovely design features a full bloom illustration of a precious camellia flower. Our Camellia mold is the perfect crafting and kitchen tool, perfect for baking up cookies, biscuits, clay cheese and fondant, along with candy plaques, ceramics & pottery, and kids' crafts. Imagine your cupcake favors topped in sugarcraft Camellia flowers or cookies iced to mimic the fragrant bloom. Imagine no further! Now you can whip up tasty garden delights that look professionally made in the comfort of your own kitchen. Camellia is member of the Theaceae family and are most commonly found in eastern and southern Asia. The Camellia was named the state flower of Alabama in the year 1999 and continues to delight botanical enthusiasts around the globe with its delicate petals and beautiful coloring.


Approximately 6.5cm by 6.2cm (2.56 inch by 2.44 inch)

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