DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera Cookie Cutter

$16.50 USD

DSLR Camera Cookie Cutter

Any photo enthusiast, professional photographer or student will appreciate the significance of our Bakerlogy DSLR Camera Cookie Cutter. In an age of digital cameras and smartphones, that take pictures, the use of Digital SLR cameras, or digital single-lens reflex cameras, have been a less common sight to behold, and up until recent years were largely used only by professionals or photo enthusiasts with money to spare. With the drop in price and the newer models showing off a more user-friendly format, the DSLR camera is becoming within reach of the average photographer. Celebrate your budding photographer, connoisseur of still-life or  anyone who could use a reminder to "capture" and live in the moment with treats made especially for them. Our digital camera biscuit cutter makes detailed cookies, marzipan, biscuits, candies and cheese fondant. Bring a special touch to your special events with a dessert or appetizer that all will want to capture in photo... and then eat!


DSLR Camera: Approximately 9.8cm by 9.8cm (3.8 inch by 3.8 inch)