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Infinity Cookie Cutter




2017-05-11 04:05:53 +0100

Infinity Cookie Cutter

Our Infinity Cookie Cutter is a simple, yet poignant way to celebrate a couple's eternal love. This one of a kind Bakerlogy mold is perfect as DIY wedding favors, engagement parties, anniversaries and just because treats. The infinity symbol, or lemniscate, began as a mathematical symbol standing for the concept of infinity. The meaning has since blossomed among couples as a meaningful symbolism for eternity and everlasting love. Though the infinity sign can mean different things to each individual, and has throughout history, this endless sideways figure eight loop is most popular as a sign of everlasting love. Make infinity symbols with cookies, marzipan, biscuits, clay cheese fondant or candy for creative and on-trend treats everyone will love. To infinity and beyond! Let someone special know they're forever in your heart with this OOAK infinity biscuit mold. Whether you give the cutter itself as a token of your love or make delicious desserts or appetizers, this one is sure to impress!


Approximately 8cm by 5.1cm (3.15 inch by 2 inch)

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