SLR Camera

SLR Camera Cookie Cutter

$12.00 USD

SLR Camera Cookie Cutter

Lights... camera... action! Our Bakerlogy SLR Camera Cookie Cutter is a photographers must-have kitchen accessory. The SLR camera, or single-lens reflex camera, largely uses a mirror and prism that allows the photographer to focus through the lens and see exactly what will be captured. The difference between single and twin lenses is that the twin lenses feature a reflex and rangefinder, changing the final image significantly. Though complex to use, the first SLR cameras were produced in 1884. This tribute to a classic camera creates a stunning favor for your parties, gallery openings and more. While this SLR Camera Biscuit Cutter is the ideal tool for shaping your favorite candy, cookie, biscuit and fondant dough, this baker's mold makes an even better thank you or appreciation gift for a wedding photographer, photo enthusiast or photography student. Go above and beyond the call of duty and capture life at a new angle... by capturing their sweet tooth!


SLR Camera: Approximately 9.9cm by 6cm (3.8 inch by 2.3 inch)