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Lesbian & Gay Symbols

Lesbian & Gay Symbols

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2017-05-12 09:06:20 +0100

Lesbian & Gay Symbols Cookie Cutters

Show your pride with our LGBT Lesbian And Gay Symbols Cookie Cutters. These molds feature one lesbian female symbol mold and one gay male gender symbol mold. You can choose both pride symbol cutter styles or choose individual symbols to suit your personal needs. Live the way you intend. Be yourself. Do it your way. Promote sexuality equality, homosexual rights, equal love for all, gender awareness and pride at your events or gatherings. It's simple to create these love movement treats with professional quality. Test our a new or tried and true dough, chill the results, then roll out, press your cookie mold into the dough, bake as specified, the decorate with your favorite icings and sugars. Go all out and top with the signature LGBTQ rainbow for the ultimate pride. Set the stage with pride flags, colors and the best pride party favors your guests will be honored to receive. You can use these equal rights gender symbol cookie cutters with cheeses, fondants, cookies, biscuits and clay for spectacular, professional-looking results.


Lesbian: Approximately 6.3cm by 6.5cm (2.5 inch by 2.6 inch)
Gay: Approximately 6.3cm by 6.7cm (2.5 inch by 2.6 inch)

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