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PROMO SET: Porsche 911

Promo Set: Porsche 911 Cookie Cutters

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2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Set of 2 Porsche Cookie Cutters (Perspective & Side View)

Delight Porsche fanatics and car enthusiasts with this hyper-realistic Porsche 911 cookie cutter set. Featuring a side profile and angled view, this two-piece rendition of a classic luxury design brings to life the sleek elegance of the Porsche. Partial impression details add dimension and style to this car-themed cookie cutter, delivering high-relief cutouts to charm your friends and family. From the intricate grill to the iconic slope of the hood, each expertly rendered accent stays faithful to the details of the 911 model. 

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Perspective: Approximately 11cm by 5.3cm (4.33 inch by 2.08 inch)
Side: Approximately 11.9cm by 3.9cm (4.68 inch by 1.53 inch)

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