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Silent Cat

Silent Cat Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Silent Cat Cookie Cutter

Not a single f**k is given with this skeptical cat cookie cutter. A sassy little feline, this R-rated kitty naughtily flashes both middle fingers in a don't-care attitude that takes no flack! Show off your attitude when you serve cookies with this cookie cutter that just doesn't give a shit. Mature in content, this cat giving the silent middle finger cookie cutter is perfect for frat parties, bachelor parties, mature audience BBQs and any time you need to give the world the middle finger. This feisty, fat feline will flick off your guests in casual nonchalance, inciting laughter and might even receive a middle finger or two back. Don't take life so seriously, the skeptical cat says, and if you do, f**k off. Get the party started with good humor your guests can appreciate. Showing off intricate detailing, this funny skeptical cat doesn't give a shit biscuit cutter is just the thing for anyone experiencing one of "those day." Caturday just got sassy.


Silent Cat: Approximately 12.5 cm by 5.5 cm (4.9 inch by 2.2 inch)

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