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Inner Ear Cochlea

Anatomical Inner Ear Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Inner Ear Cookie Cutter

Quiet down and listen up, our anatomical human inner ear cookie cutter looks as good as we know it will taste when you whip up otolaryngology themed cookies, cheeses, fondant toppings and biscuits. Consisting of the cochlea, the vestibular and the auditory nerve, the inner ear is as it implies ─ it is the innermost part of your ear. The cochlea is the balance mechanism and if you could look that far into your ear, it gives the appearance of a snail shell or coiled hose. A labyrinth of inner tubes, the inner ear is an important connection between the vibrations of what we hear and the brain which interprets these vibrations for us. This human hearing system biscuit mold is very detailed giving you an education inner look into the inner ear. Turn up your hearing aid or perk up your ears, the oven timer says cookies are ready!


Cochlea: Approximately 9cm by 6.5cm (3.54 inch by 2.55 inch)

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