Intestines Cookie Cutter

$13.50 USD

Intestines Cookie Cutter

Be an honorary surgeon when you "operate" on cookies, fondant, marzipan and biscuit dough with our intestines, stomach and liver cookie cutter. You might have forgotten about the sub you ate during lunch, but your digestive system sure hasn't. After your food has its time in the stomach, it is broken down by acid and enzymes in your own body to be passed along to the small intestine where it continues to break down the nutrients from your food that your body needs to function properly and healthily. Specially designed for all biology, anatomy and science lovers, this detailed human anatomy biscuit mold makes unique desserts, appetizers and crafts. Show your support and promote an awareness and the importance of a healthy gut when you add a cheese platter with shapes of intestines to your appetizer table. Be the life of any party with treats inspired by your favorite anatomical specimen!


Intestines: 9.3cm by 10cm (3.66 inch by 3.93 inch)