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Baby Brachiosaurus

Baby Brachiosaurus Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Baby Brachiosaurus Cookie Cutter

Let your imagination wonder back to the Jurassic era with our baby brachiosaurus cookie cutter. This adorable, smiling biscuit cutter makes a cheery addition to your dessert table for such events as baby showers, birthday parties, visits to the paleontology museum or after-school snack time. A genus of the extinct sauropoda, the brachiosaurus is well known for his extra long neck, small head and overall large size. A peaceful giant, this lost world era dino is a leaf eater who preferred to use his super long neck to eat foliage from high up locations. It's no wonder little kids so eager to grow up and reach great heights fall in love with this prehistoric dinosaur. What great way then to impress little ones when you surprise them with dino themed treats and parties. Equip yourself in the kitchen with these baby brachiosaurus cookie cutters for cool brownies, cookies, biscuits and fondant or use them in the craft room as tools to make ornaments or special molds out of clay. Every little archeologist will love this special history education in cuteness!


Baby Brachiosaurus: Approximately 9.5cm by 9.3cm (3.74 inch by 3.66 inch)

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