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Vagina Cookie Cutter




2017-05-11 04:36:09 +0100

Vagina Cookie Cutter

This mature content Vagina Cookie Cutter biscuit mold is sure to turn heads and turn stag parties to hoots and hollers. What bachelor wouldn't love to pop a tasty vagina cookie in his mouth while he drinks and carouses with his male friends at his bachelor party? This explicit sexual content cookie cutter makes for delicious foreplay to get your man turned on for some wild, sexy times. Make cookies, marzipan, fondant clay cheese, candy and biscuits to hand out at women's marches or any place of pride that shows you aren't afraid to back down on women's rights issues. This vaginal cookie cutter is the perfect gift for bachelorette parties as well! Pair with our Penis Cookie Cutter for all night fun and games! Get professional results as if straight from the baker with our sexual vagina cookie cutter!


Vagina cookie cutter: 5.8cm by 8.4cm (2.28 inch by 3.3 inch)

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