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Start studying the gastric digestive system with this set of anatomical stomach, liver and intestines cookie cutters. The group of organs that work together to turn food into energy and nutrients is called the digestive system. Even before taking a single bite of your food, your other sense organs have alerted your digestive system to begin its work, which will continue long after you have cleaned your plate depending on what you have eaten. Adults and children alike can become junior surgeons, with the kitchen counter becoming your operating table as you make scrumptious gingerbread, sugar cookies, appetizer cheese shapes, fondant and biscuits. It takes a lot of guts to make these human body anatomy treats, but we think you will enjoy the journey.

Intestines, Liver & Stomach Cookie Cutters

Intestines: 9.3 cm by 10 cm (3.6" by 3.9")
Stomach: 7.4 cm by 6.7 cm (2.9" by 2.6")
Liver: 9.5 cm by 6.2 cm (3.7" by 2.4")

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♥ 5 mm thickness of dough will be perfect (~1/5 inch)

♥ For easy release of dough, coat the cutter with flour before cutting. You can also dust the top surface of rolled dough with flour

♥ Use recipes free from raising agent to get the best looking cookies!



♥ Use a mini brush to remove remnants

♥ Dishwasher Safe