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Paper boats aren't just for use as toys anymore. Not with our one of a kind Origami Boat Cookie Cutter that brings this classic make-at-home toy to life in an edible format. Set sail in a new nautical theme with these Japanese art inspired boat molds. It's the design you know and love. Tried and true, these origami ship biscuit cutters bring an air of nostalgia to any occasion or event. Rising, falling, surging and undulating, the sea is an ever moving, always energized body of water that has captivated the masses since the beginning of time. If the ocean calls to you, call back with treats made right at home in your own kitchen using our boat origami cookie cutter. Press into the dough of cookies, biscuits and fondant to make fantastic dessert table indulgences for retirement parties, boats christenings, birthday celebrations and more!

origami boat cookie cutter


8 cm by 3.9 cm (3.1" by 1.5")

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United Kingdom: 2 - 3 working days
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Europe: 3 - 7 working days
USA & Canada: 5 - 10 working days
Rest of World: 6 - 15 working days

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♥ 5 mm thickness of dough will be perfect (~1/5 inch)

♥ For easy release of dough, coat the cutter with flour before cutting. You can also dust the top surface of rolled dough with flour

♥ Use recipes free from raising agent to get the best looking cookies!



♥ Use a mini brush to remove remnants

♥ Dishwasher Safe