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PROMO SET: Ear Anatomy

Set of 2 Ear Anatomy Cookie Cutters

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2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Set of 2 Cookie Cutters - Anatomy of Human Ear

Celebrate a recent achievement of the ENT or audiologist in your life, or simply add this unique design to your themed assortment of Halloween shapes. The outer ear and inner ear cookie cutter set is perfect for medical triumphs, special event celebrations, or educational learning. Featuring partial impression line-work and realistic accents, this design renders the human ear in perfect detail. You can also use it with cheese, fondant, and even clay to bring your specific creative project to life. 

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Human Ear: Approximately 9cm by 5.5cm (3.54 inch by 2.2 inch)
Inner Cochlea: Approximately 9cm by 6.5cm (3.54 inch by 2.55 inch)

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