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Anchor Cookie Cutter




2017-05-11 03:35:12 +0100

Anchor Cookie Cutter

Ahoy there, Matey! Ye best be aware that our nautical anchor boat cookie cutter is a true deep sea catch that is perfect for your ocean themed adventures! This one of a kind, detailed boat anchor cookie cutter is a fine way to say bon voyage to those headed off for their honeymoon, vacation, retirement or big move. Make an entire fleet of anchor shaped cookies, biscuits, candies and cake toppings with this fine captain's mold. The shipmaster, captain, sailor, marine or boat owner will love this sea themed cutter. To give your next gathering or offering a boost of empowerment, use your treats to remind friends and loved ones that as long as they believe in themselves, they can weather any storm by refusing to sink! Set sail and be ready for any exploit. Anchor yourself in the kitchen and get creative with our nautical themed anchor cookie cutter!


Approximately 7.8cm by 9.1cm (3.07 inch by 3.58 inch)

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