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Awareness Ribbon

Awareness Ribbon Cookie Cutter




2017-05-11 04:04:34 +0100

Awareness Ribbon Cookie Cutter

Help raise awareness for your campaign or cause with our Ribbon Cookie Cutter. Universally designed, this one of a kind ribbon biscuit mold is your blank canvas to decorate with the colors of your cause. Silver for brain cancer, pink for breast cancer, a thin blue line grosgrain to shows support for fallen police officers, purple for cystic fibrosis, epilepsy or Alzheimer's , white for lung cancer, teal for ovarian cancer and more! The possibilities are endless, allowing you to ensure no one suffers alone, but that every plight has a large support system ready to rally together and help out. Serve up biscuits, cookies, cakes and candies made with our awareness ribbon cookie cutter mold and serve at gatherings, or offer as favors or handouts at conventions or survivor parties. Commemorate the cause that is closest to your heart with this carefully crafted awareness ribbon and watch eyes brim with tears of appreciation. 


Approximately 6.3cm by 8cm (2.5 inch by 3.1 inch)

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