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Baby T-Rex

Baby T-Rex Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Baby T-Rex Cookie Cutter

Create ferociously fantastic gingerbread cookies, biscuits, fondant and sugarcraft with our cute baby t-rex cookie cutter. This one-of-a-kind t-rex cookie cutter is the perfect addition to any baker's collection that holds a great many uses in the kitchen. Making detailed cutouts that look professional, you will enjoy whipping up sensational treats to wow friends and family. It's so easy to use too! Just press into dough, bake and decorate! Though known for his tiny arms, the tyrannosaurus rex was actually a fierce predator with strong thighs and a long, powerful tail that helped him move swiftly to attack his prey. The t-rex in present time is now a popular dinosaur pal in the playroom, stomping around and lording over his herbivore counterparts. When your child is finished playing make-believe with her dino pals, treat her to a dinosaur of another kind — a sweet cookie, prehistoric biscuits or cupcakes topped with fondant dinos.


Baby Trex: Approximately 8.3 cm by 8.5 cm (3.26 inch by 3.34 inch)

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