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Beaker Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Beaker Cookie Cutter

Give the gift of science with our one-of-a-kind beaker lab equipment cookie cutter! The beaker is a lipped cylindrical container made of glass and used in laboratories and classrooms all over the world for mixing liquids, chemicals and other substances and are used to determine the volumes of different liquids. This detailed beaker cookie mold makes fantastic fondant cake and cupcake toppings, gingersnaps, sugar cookies, biscuits as well as excellent cheese shapes for your cheese platters. Biologists, chemists, pharmacology students, pharmacists, microbiology students and any lover of science will love the geeky "experiments" cooked up by you with love from the kitchen. Make your own homegrown apothecary in your own kitchen as you create and test new or signature recipes and designs. Create your own banquet of science themed treats with our beaker and other lab equipment cookies cutters. Food craft supplies have never been this fun, so don your mad scientist persona and get to baking!


Beaker: Approximately 6.1cm by 7cm (2.4 inch by 2.75 inch)

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