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Beer Bottle

Beer Bottle Cookie Cutter




2017-04-20 09:07:23 +0100

Beer Bottle Cookie Cutter

Cheers! Raise a toast to our Beer Bottle Cookie Cutter. Our one of a kind Bakerlogy design combines the classic beer bottle shape with your favorite cookie, candy, fondant, biscuit and marzipan recipes. Whip up a batch of beer bottle cookies or sugarcraft topped cupcakes along to parties, barbecues, down to the pool, or wherever you plan on enjoying a refreshing 6-pack. For the weekender, the bar hop, the bartender or anyone who loves to kick back with a cold one in hand, our brewery drink biscuit cutter makes a fantastic gift idea or party theme. What better way to celebrate Father's day, birthdays, retirement or bachelor party than with snacks designed after the day's refreshments? This cookie mold is easy to use and results in professional looking baked goods and appetizers. Simple mix up your dough, chill, coat your cutter with flour, press, bake and decorate!


Beer Bottle: Approximately 4.2cm by 12.5cm (1.6 inch by 4.9 inch)


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