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Bow Tie

Bow Tie Cookie Cutter




2017-05-08 09:56:16 +0100

Bow Tie Cookie Cutter

Snazz up your appetizers and desserts with our one of a kind Bakerlogy Beautiful Bow Tie Cookie Cutter necktie accent. This unique design boasts a classic bowtie fashion. Want to make your bow tie even more stylin'? When you make your necktie cookies, take out your favorite sugars and icing and decorate with polka dots, pixels, striped, patterns, solids or anything else you can dream up, or mix and match pattern ideas and let guests at your party choose the tie cookie that best suits them! Celebrate high school or college graduations, birthdays, retirements or promotions with our handsome, on-trend bowtie cookie cutters and make your own creations out of marzipan, fondant, clay, cheese, biscuits or candy. The bowtie has traditionally offered the perfect finish to a gentleman's formal outfit or suit. While this still holds true today, bowties also make fun ways to dress up or give school outfits a whimsical touch. Our necktie knot cookie cutter is perfectly detailed and embossed for stellar, professional-looking treats you'll be proud to serve!


Approximately 10cm by 5.7cm (3.93 inch by 2.24 inch)

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