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Breast Anatomy

Breast Anatomy Cookie Cutter




2017-05-15 06:51:17 +0100

Breast Anatomy Cookie Cutter

Save the boobies! Bring awareness to breast cancers with our Breast Anatomy Cookie Cutter. A unique gift option for lactation specialists, OBGYN specialists and nursing or biology students, these medical breast cookie cutters also work as mammography gifts, gynecological health awareness, lactation and breastfeeding support. Show off your appreciation of the female anatomy and tell it like it is. This breast anatomy cookie cutter explores the inner workings of breasts and displays their important role in feeding the babies of the world. Test students on the technical aspects for a fun and edible spin on teaching anatomy or serve up anatomically correct breast cookies, biscuits, candies, marzipan and fondant treats for breast cancer survivor parties, graduation celebrations, breastfeeding support showers and more. These cutters and the treats they make perfect handouts for fundraisers and awareness campaigns, so order your breast cancer awareness biscuit mold and give the public a light-bulb moment on their personal health! 


Breast Tissue Anatomy cookie cutter: 7.9cm by 10cm (3.1 inch by 3.9 inch)

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