Butcher's Guide Chart - Chicken

Butcher's Chicken Chart Cookie Cutter

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Butcher's Chicken Chart Cookie Cutter

Taking you beyond the chicken nugget, our Bakerlogy chicken cookie cutter is your guide to choice poultry cuts. In a handy cookie cutter design, this chicken biscuit cutter makes a great gift idea or party theme for farmers, butchers, BBQs, picnics and more. Chicken is the most common type of poultry found throughout the world offering a diversity of cut choices. Whether you are embracing self sufficiency on your own homestead, you raise chickens or just love to chow down on chicken, this fun butcher's guide to chicken cuts cookie cutter serves as a fun baking tool to guide your meal planning ideas. Do you love tenders, drumsticks, breast fillet, tenderloins or a whole roast chicken? Who doesn't! Out chicken cookie cutter celebrates the meat lover in all of us. With our easy to use poultry biscuit cutter, the only thing left to do is whip up a batch of your favorite dough, chill, press and decorate to the detail desired!


Chicken: Approximately 9.5cm by 8.7cm (3.74 inch by 3.42 inch)