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Butcher's Guide Chart - Lamb

Butcher's Lamb Chart Cookie Cutter




2017-05-02 09:20:39 +0100

Butcher's Lamb Chart Cookie Cutter

This butcher's mutton cuts Lamb Cookie Cutter makes a great addition to your kitchen, as well as a fun gift for butchers, farmers, chefs and gourmet bakers. If meat is what's for dinner, then what's for dessert? Our Other Meat Chart Cookie serves well with your braised lamb shank, shoulder chop, loin chop, stew or lamb chop among other lamb-centered recipes. This lamb cuts cookie cutter diagram makes a detailed snack or dessert. Know your lamb cuts with our handy mutton meat cookie cutter chart, guiding you where the most delicious lamb meat. Make a game out of your desserts and see who can name each part of the lamb! This Bakerlogy butcher's cuts cookie cutter makes for a fun gift and instant conversation starter when served up at your next BBQ or dinner party. A chef's guide for bakers, this info graphic cookie cutter is a fresh (cuts) idea that makes unique cookies, biscuits, fondant, clay cheese, candy and marzipan.


Lamb: Approximately 11.3cm by 7.7cm (4.44 inch by 3.03 inch)

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