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Button Cookie Cutter

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2017-05-08 09:56:16 +0100

Button Cookie Cutter

Cute as a button and sweet as can be, our one of a kind Bakerlogy Button Cookie Cutter is the perfect kitchen companion for all of your baking and cooking needs. This detailed, embossed haberdasher's accessory is the perfect addition to baby showers, engagement parties, sewing circles, garden parties and more. Maybe some of your earliest memories were of threading needles, or sitting at your mother's side as she worked her magic on your father's favorite suit. The memories associated with these tiny wonders and their individual characteristics, details and colors are often what leads people to collect mass amounts of buttons. The oldest button ever found dated all the way back 5,000 years to the Indus Valley Civilization which is now Pakistan. It was made of a curved shell. What history! Since then buttons have maintained a high popularity, from the button down shirt to double breasted coats and more. Our fascination with the fashion and function of buttons is endless. Let this creative button biscuit mold inspire your kitchen escapades. Make delicious and adorable button topped cupcakes, fondant, sugarcraft, cookies, biscuits and candies.


Small: Approximately 5.3cm by 5.3cm (2.08 inch by 2.08 inch)
Large: Approximately 7.8cm by 7.8cm (3.07 inch by 3.07 inch)

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