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Chinese Wedding (Heart Outline)

Chinese Wedding (Heart Outline) Cookie Cutter




2017-05-11 03:32:28 +0100

Chinese Wedding Double Happiness (Heart Outline) Cookie Cutter

Celebrate luck, joy, love and prosperity with our Chinese Wedding Double Happiness Cookie Cutter! The double happiness character is a common symbolism used in traditional Chinese weddings that celebrate the happiness of the new couple. The symbol is often abundantly found throughout the festivities, gracing invitations, posters, lanterns and even special edible treats. The double happiness character is often features in red, a festive color most often associated with love. Make your own custom cupcakes, DIY wedding favors and beautiful dessert table offerings with our double happiness wedding favor cookie cutters. In this mold, the double happiness character is captured in a heart silhouette, making the perfect touch for engagement or wedding celebrations. Make the most of your special day or that of a friend or loved one with unique treats made personally by you! It's easy to get professional quality results in your own home no matter your skill level in the kitchen. It's as simple as whipping up your desired recipe, then chilling the dough for easy molding, pressing your cutter into the dough, baking as directed and then decorating as desired.


Heart Outline: Approximately 7.5cm by 7cm (2.95" by 2.76")

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